Wraps & Ponchos

"Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life."

Everyone needs a cuddle now and then or in my case, every day! With these love wraps you can give a hug to a friend that they can carry with them, wrap yourself in beauty, pull out a soft cover of warmth from the bottom of your bag when you sit in that chilly movie theater or hospital room, run through fields with your own flag, and swaddle a fussy baby in love. I describe them as "permeable protection".

Each piece is hand painted, with love, in my Austin, Texas, home studio. I make intricate designs inspired by nature, mehndi, Japanese art and more. A bleach extraction process is used that creates designs with rich color, while keeping the integrity of the fabric.

The super soft, bamboo / cotton fabric is sourced from KenDor fabrics in Vancouver, British Columbia, and hand cut in Austin. This fabric comes in several vivid colors that stand up to being well loved. It breathes and adds warmth without bulk. Standard size is 30" X 68".

Wraps can be washed in the washing machine set to a cold or warm machine setting. Tumble dry low. They will get softer and softer with each washing!

Wraps start at $115 -- Ponchos at $130 -- Fleece Ponchos at $175.

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