About Nina

I grew up mostly on the East coast and moved from New York to Texas in 1991. I spent most of my time growing up drawing, reading, hiking, and visiting museums with grandparents, aunts and artist cousins. My sketch book went with me everywhere. I graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a BFA, also spending time, when I could, studying art in Italy

In Austin I have found a creative, healing community. I also met the love of my life, John. We balance three wonderful kids and building businesses of our hearts.

My past work was mostly self-portrait and naturalistic oil paintings -- very introspective. Pre-kids I could spend whole days in a row drawing and painting. 20 years of yoga practice and dance, as well as a love of design gave me an idea for work I could do interspersed with my busy family life.

In 2015 my dear friend Nancy, who has departed this Earth, collaborated with me on adding fun fabrics to the bottom of dance pants. In 2016 I began painting on my own clothing to add flair to what I wear everyday. Soon women from my many circles began requesting designs on their own clothing and this new adventure grew from there. Now I love collaborating with my clients and having art that moves! I do love layering colors and themes from nature, so soon I will be moving back onto small canvases as well as creating wearable art.

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